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Drone Construction Services for Your Business

BIM or building information mapping is helping architecture, engineering, and construction projects become more collaborative, automated, innovative, and effective. BIM creates intelligent 3D models. These models give insight and tools to help these industries plan, design, construct and manage infrastructure more effectively. Our drone maps and 3D models can document different stages and processes of your construction build, you’ll be able to share more information among your team and acquire valuable data that can be used throughout the entire construction process.   

UAV Imaging offers a variety of professional construction services tailored to your project no matter what the size. Drone captured photos and videos can provide a  unique perspective while delivering a broad view of the entire work site. Drones are best used for site planning, tracking progress, conducting an aerial site analysis, and more. Images and videos can be viewed by all team members with ease which makes projects work more streamlined.  

Every UAV Imaging drone is operated by a certified pilot. We are compliant with all regulations and trained in a variety of different applications. We file all the required paperwork and adhere to all the regulatory requirements meaning your job is done professionally and safe every time. We also handle all of the pre-flight planning and logistics so you can focus on analyzing the data to serve your objectives.   

Drone Captured Photogrammetry for Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Drone captured photogrammetric models deliver important project intelligence that will be an asset to your construction site or facility. Photogrammetry is the practice of determining geometric properties from photographic images. By capturing the same subject from multiple angles using drones, accurate measurements can be generated to construct a 3D model representing a real world object or jobsite at a given point in time. These models allow you to measure distance, area, elevation, volume, and even let you compare sites data over time. 

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Our Company Values

Our mission is to provide the best aerial imaging solution to meet your industry-specific needs. Our process removes many of the logistical problems our clients may face. Our aerial imaging services are a cost-effective, efficient, and safe alternative to traditional methods. We give our clients a birds-eye view through high-quality imaging that delivers results. Our methods give you the tools you need to set your operations apart from the rest.


    The safety of the airspace and individuals close to our operations is our number one priority. We work under the highest safety standards, UAV Imaging is fully compliant with Transport Canada and its regulations on commercial use of unmanned aerial vehicles.
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    We are COR certified to reduce injuries and keep employees safe throughout your commercial drone service project. We only hire fully certified, knowledgeable inspectors to complete your job. We are fully insured so you can feel secure throughout your commercial project.
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  • Safety and Compliance EXCELLENCE

    As an ISN Member Contractor, we embody the pinnacle of safety and compliance standards, providing our clients with unparalleled transparency, minimized administrative hassles, and cost-efficient practices, all while championing a legacy of safety excellence.
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    What separates UAV Imaging Inc. is your project is completed by an InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector® with years of practical experience in defect recognition and reporting. Many companies have personnel that are certified to fly a drone, but are they Certified Professional Inspectors? ®
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