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Drone Solutions in the World of Covid-19

During this challenging time individuals and businesses are trying to cope with this evolving environment of non-essential operations and social distancing. Many of us have seen the images of drones being used by authorities to clear streets and enforce quarantines. Some drones have been equipped with liquid storage payloads and deployed to efficiently distribute disinfectant over public areas. Apart from these direct applications designed to limit the spread of covid-19, how can drones be deployed to help limit the impact on businesses as they meet the demands of this new business environment?

Remote Video Streaming

Many businesses have turned to teleconferencing to conduct meetings and coordinate with staff. This works well when connecting with colleagues to review projects and assign new tasks, but what about situations where the meeting is tied to a location? How can you replace an on-site meeting, or visual inspection of a large area when teams are not able to meet on location? Drone captured footage provides a lot of versatility while recording. Camera movement is smooth as the drone flies throughout a location and can easily approach specific assets to examine critical details from a variety of perspectives. This footage can be used by hosts to present to on-line attendees, or a live video feed can be broadcast in real-time. Communications can be established with the pilot during flight so that the entire operation is under the direction of the team lead hosting the meeting. It’s the closest thing to being on location with your team, but with the added advantage of an on-demand aerial perspective. 

Essential Operations

It is unclear what the lasting effects of covid-19 will have on business practices once the crisis has passed. Will we simply start-up what was previously shut-down and return to business as usual, or will this have a lasting effect on operations? Drone captured data can generate a variety of useful information that can limit the need for multiple site visits by different personnel. For example, one drone flight of a construction site could provide volume calculations on piled material, area measurements of surfaces, elevation maps and orthomosaic imagery for safety evaluations and quality control. All completed by a single visit with limited personnel. Another distinct advantage is the ease in which this data can be shared among team members. This would help support any organizational initiatives toward remote workplace collaboration.

UAV Imaging is ready to Respond

The truth is nobody really knows how covid-19 will impact business in the long term. Like any evolving situation, those that can adapt quickly will be in the best position to not only survive but thrive. The drone industry has seen rapid change over the last few years. This provides an advantage, as the business models and practices that have allowed the drone industry to establish itself has been fueled by change. UAV Imaging is working closely with our clients to apply drone technology to meet the new challenges posed by the covid-19 crisis. For more information go to: