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Inspect & Explore: Confined Space Drone Inspections with Elios 2 Drone Technology

Inspect & Explore: Confined Space Drone Inspections with Elios 2 Drone Technology

Performing an inspection of confined spaces can be difficult, costly, and dangerous. Utilizing drones is quicker, safer, and can provide better quality inspection data then traditional collection methods. Contact us today to learn more.

Elios 2 

Elios 2 drones are collision-tolerant so they can navigate safely within a confined space without causing damage to the drone, or infrastructure being inspected. The onboard 10k lumens LED light system allows for a higher quality inspection without needing an extra lighting source. The camera records video that is broadcast to the controller that can then be relayed to field monitors or streamed on-line. This allows technicians to direct and monitor the entire operation either on-site, or remotely. When you substitute your traditional methods for confined space drone inspections, the time needed to inspect is cut significantly. The Elios 2 is the state of the art solution that is revolutionizing confined space inspections across a multitude of industries.   

Oil and Gas Tanks 

Elios 2 drone technology is an asset when it comes to inspecting oil and gas tanks. A tank inspection typically includes the visual inspection of piping, welds, overfill protection, gaging systems, as well as a general visual inspection of the inside ceilings and walls. Some of the tank ceilings are over 80 feet high and lack any ambient light, these inspections involve working at height requiring complex scaffolding, rope and lighting setups that are costly, time-consuming and hazardous. Confined space drone inspections can be conducted without having to personnel even enter the tank. The drone is equipped with an onboard lighting system with high resolution sensors allowing crystal clear monitoring of the video feed. This footage can be recorded, and still images can be taken for documentation and off-site review.  The bottom line, this method reduces the inspection time, costs and hazards associated with traditional methods of tank inspection. With confined space drone inspections being cheaper, quicker, and safer, they can be done more frequently. More inspections means you may be able to catch minor defects before they become leaks/spills, or lead to more costly shut-downs and repairs.  

Safe, Quick, Efficient 

Elios 2 drone technology allows an experienced drone technician to perform safe, quick, and efficient inspections of confined spaces. They provide the most intuitive, reliable, and precise confined space drone inspections while keeping your employees safe and on task with their regular job duties. Elios 2 can provide you a flawless inspection of your confined space. Contact us today to see for yourself!